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For every product or service that you would wish to sell, you need to have a marketing strategy. What most people do not seem to realize is that when they decide to sell their homes, they are converted into products. Home staging Vancouver is the best marketing resource that you will have at your disposal if you are to sell your home. Think of it this way, there are so many people who are selling homes on the market and buyers will pick the best. So how do you beat your competition? You have to find a way of making your home outshine the others and the only way to achieve this is through staging.

The process of staging your home is what we know how to do, best. We will be able to transform any house into a masterpiece and a model home that is quite incredible. Do not ever assume that there will be anyone who will want to buy your home just like that; there has to be some form of inspiration and this is what we are here to offer. We will appeal to your prospects and make them want to make an offer right away.

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Home Staging Adds Value

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Quick question, if you were to sell your vehicle, would you not want to detail it? Of course, this is a logical thing as this enhances the value of the car and this makes you get a good deal. This is the same case with house staging Vancouver WA and therefore, you should never list your home on the property market before staging it. Here is a fact, staging a home gives you an added advantage and a head start. For you to sell your home for the highest market value and quickly, you would need to do more than just listing your home.

It is staging that will de-clutter, organize and even neutralize your home. Partnering with our certified experts to stage your home is the best decision that you can ever make.

Times have changed and technology has invaded every aspect of our lives. This has also affected the real estate market and this is why over 90% of home buyers will start their search on the internet. The only way that you can capture their attention is by staging your home and allowing us to use our professional photographers to capture the staged home. It is a given fact that cameras are known to reveal everything, including flaws. As such, if just take photos and throw them on the internet, no one will be interested in your home. However, when you let us stage your home, you will be shocked at the interest that your home will arouse.

Do I Need to Stage a Vacant Home?

Surprisingly, most buyers are really confused by empty spaces. If you will have any chance of selling your home, then you must ensure that buyers can visualize how they would furnish their home. What better way to do this than house staging Vancouver. Without any furniture, an empty house looks pretty small and most people can hardly tell what would fit in the spaces. There is nothing that they can use to show the proportionality of the space. A staged home paints a clear picture for the buyers.

You need to remember that there is only one chance to make a first impression. Do not even attempt to try and sell your home first and then stage it later. Instead, you should stage it so that you can have so many potential buyers viewing it and making a decision to buy it. Staging provokes interest and buyers will be happy to make an offer quickly. This is the best way to make your home sell for top dollar.

Our Staging Services

Everyone with a home listed on the real estate market hopes that they can sell the home for a great price and in a shorter time. However, you will still find quite a number of homes still on the market for months. The truth of the matter is that selling your home the conventional way is not easy and you will need to have a clear strategy to be able to sell your home for money and quickly. We have a number of home staging Seattle and Vancouver, WA services that you can take advantage of. Some of the common ones include:

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Vacant Home Staging

We also offer full property staging services for empty houses. In this case, we will rent out our furniture and accessories from our inventory. We have our own items and as such, we will not need to rent from 3rd parties. This is part of the reason why we are able to offer our staging services at competitive rates. We will work with your ideas and combine with our professionalism to bring out the best features of your home. We will improve the value of your home and you will be able to recoup all the money that you use, and so much more.

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Occupied Home Staging

This is an affordable option that we offer to clients that wish to sell their home, while still living in them. We will come to your home and inspect each room and give you the relevant advice for each space. We will use some of the existing furnishings and accessories and give you amazing tips that you can use to appeal to many potential buyers. We will reposition furniture as well and place all your accent pieces in strategic places.

Do Not Reduce the Selling Price 

For most people, when a home stays on the market for a long time the next step they take is to reduce the price so as to attract buyers. Instead of going through this painful journey, use our expert home stagers to have your home dressed.

​This will not only let you sell your home in a few days, but for a higher price. You, therefore, do not need to reduce the price of your home to have it sell, just stage it now!

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