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We all agree that our homes are the biggest investment that we can ever have. When you understand the value of home staging Spokane, then you will appreciate what home staging does in improving the value of your home.

​It is important to note that staging is much more than just organizing the closets and hanging a few photos.

This is a creative process that requires a whole lot of innovation. We have a clear objective to accentuate your home and show off the best features so as to display the full potential of your home.

We are Spokane staging professionals and we will create a plan that in suitable for your circumstances. Whether you need a little assistance to be able to stage your home or want complete home staging, we will be glad to offer this. From the initial contact, you will notice that we have your interests at heart.

We have been regarded as the industry leaders and our strategies seem to work at all times. We acknowledge that every home is different and this is what we create a unique plan for each home. You can be sure that when we stage your home, you will sell it for the top market value and in a short while.

What Does Home Staging Spokane Entail?

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We have had some clients who assumed that home staging Spokane ​is simply redecorating their homes, which is not the case. This is a process through which we will prepare your home for sale.

​We will do everything that we can, to ensure that we are giving you the best services. When you decide to sell your home, you need to understand that it is treated as a product and people will only go for products that are appealing and attractive. We will use the best furniture and accessories to update your home and make it a model home for all the prospect buyers.

Benefits of a Staged Home

​Did you know that most of the buyers that you are targeting will only need about 12 seconds to form an opinion? With this in mind, you cannot afford to let their minds wander away and make the wrong decision. Home staging is what tunes the mind in the right way and you will realize that most buyers will easily connect with staged homes. There are a number of surveys that have been conducted by the Real Estate Staging Association and these show that staged home sell 90% faster. In fact, over 70% of the homes will sell within the first few days after Spokane staging.

In addition to this, over 90% of people who are shopping for a home to buy will start their search online. If you have a staged home, then you will create a great first impression. Only less than 10% of potential homebuyers have the ability to visualize a home as their own, especially when it comes to empty houses. You are bound to sell the house for top dollar when we stage it and as such, this is an investment with a guaranteed return.

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Is It Necessary to Stage a Home?

As we have already established, your home is a great investment and when you need to sell it there may be some mixed reactions. Home staging is what makes the process easier as we will depersonalize it and make it easier for you to let go. We will craft a perfect staging plan that will highlight all the amazing features of your home. At Spokane staging and furniture company, we do more than just mere decorations. We are the connecting element to the potential buyers and our techniques work like magic.

It is not a wonder that shortly after we stage homes, there are so many offers that start coming in. As a matter of fact, we can confidently tell you that Spokane staging a home with us, is as good as having it sold. So here is the deal; stage, list and sell in a snap!

"The 1st inspiration of any space starts at the front door" - Robin Sturm (Designer) 

Our Home Staging Experts

There are staging companies Spokane WA, and then there is our team. We make a difference as we will give you superior service that cannot be matched by any other. We have the experience and training that will increase the value of your property over the years. You can trust our experts to give you incredible ideas and this is what transforms your house into a model home. Here is some good news, we have an extensive inventory that has all art, accent pieces, furniture and accessories that you will need in your home.

Whether you intend to stage an occupied home or a vacant one, we have the right resources and skills to help you achieve this. We continue to expand our collections in the inventory and as such, it is very easy for us to bring your home up to the current market trends without a sweat. In most cases, we have found homeowners who will continue living in their home while it is listed on the property market and this is the opportune time to use a staging company Spokane.

Our occupied home staging is what makes your space inviting for buyers. They will not feel as if they are visiting your home, but instead they can connect easily and envision their future in your home. During the consultation, we will let you know the changes we intend to undertake and if you agree with our professional guidance, then you will sell your home effortlessly.

Incredible Home Sale

It goes without saying, home staging works Spokane. This is a great investment that comes with huge returns. The fact that you will sell your home for top dollar means that you will recoup your staging expenses in totality. This is a great way to sell your home and avoid the price reduction pitfalls. When a home is well staged, it becomes desirable and irresistible and this how you will end up getting lucrative offers. Try the home staging Vancouver WA and Spokane strategy and see how easy it is to sell your home.

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