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Occupied Home Staging Solutions

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Most people rely on home staging services when they’ve already left their house vacant.

​However, when someone is still living within their listed property, it can make it that much more challenging to dress up.

What many owners might not realize is that the team at REVamp Home Staging Seattle can offer occupied staging solutions as well. By combining your existing furniture and decoration pieces and applying small additions, we can achieve a more cohesive sense of style.

The result is a house makeover that takes your preferences and transforms it into your private showroom. Selling your residence has never been simpler than when you choose us to help your listing.

See why more Seattle, WA residents trust their listed homes to us when they need to sell quickly. Call now for your best option in partial home staging solutions.

What is Occupied Home Staging?

Some may ask what is occupied staging and what it can do for my property? Unlike a complete vacant staging project, occupied services combines your existing furniture with few more additional pieces from our company and stage the property based on our strategic processes which include strategic placements of furniture, decors, and even some cosmetic changes to the room such as wall paint change etc. This way, even if you are living in the property, you do not need to haul away all of your furniture, pay less and sell the property for more.

Say your home has an office room with only a futon and a bookshelf. Adding a computer desk will make it seem like somewhere a buyer can work, or brief touches can create an in-home library.

By building off of the furniture and items you already have in place, we work around it to finish constructing a narrative. That way, you can best represent what your home can offer potential buyers.

When you’ve already added in all the furniture you can fit, or you don’t want to risk confusing the appearances of your rooms, call us and enjoy the benefits of occupied home staging. We can make any room more functional and lovely without breaking the bank.

What Can Occupied Staging Do?

The typical person has a few rooms that they spend all of their time in, while other areas offer little more than storage. What we do is focus on the core rooms that achieve the most reaction from buyers.

When listing your property, you need to take people’s breath away as soon as they enter. Otherwise, their disdain will only grow as they walk between rooms.

You likely already own a functional living room, and your bedroom might also remain at the ready. Other areas, however, may need a few additional touches to make it appear move-in ready.

No matter how many rooms your home has, or which ones need to receive the most attention, our designers are here for you. Call now for your best partial home staging needs.

Hire Us Today

Whether your house is tight on space or you don’t have a ton of décor items, Home Staging Seattle provides the best in partial home staging solutions. When you need to stay on budget and make your home appear lovelier, we achieve better results for less every day.

Call now for occupied property staging services. We make your home appear perfect without the hassle.