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Have seen a trend where people tend to fall in love with some home while others remain on the market for so long? There is a whole lot of difference between how you live in your home and how you intend to sell it. You need to find strategies that will make it easier for you to sell the house. Home staging Bellevue WA is the way to go about it and this will make your home attractive and buyers will cherish it. Sadly, life does not present you with a second chance to make a first impression and this applies even in the real estate industry. Working with a professional stager is the only opportunity that you would have to capture the attention of potential buyers.

When you use a professional stager, you are able to get everything right. Our objective, in home staging Bellevue, is to enhance the property value and make it stand out from the rest. This makes your home market-ready and we will be able to create an emotional connection between the home and the buyer. This is a process that will enhance the amazing features of the property and highlight the attributes of the space. We work hard to remove all the distractions that may cause the buyer not to see the home’s full potential.

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Is Home Staging Necessary?

Home staging Bellevue WA, is a great investment and creates as an assurance that you will not lose your prospects. As a matter of fact, you will be able to recover all the money that you use for the staging your services. A staged home will sell way faster than the one that has not been staged. When you are looking to receive multiple offers, you will need to have the home staged. You should never think of staging your home as an unnecessary expense as you will certainly be able to increase the selling price of your home. The cost will be insignificant compared to the profits that you will make.

Stage your home before listing it and you will be amazed at how fast you will sell it. We are professional home stagers and we are keen on first impressions. Our inventory is carefully selected and you will have most people falling in love with your home from the moment you open your doors. We will listen to you and make sure that we understand your needs before we can stage your home. We know that every home is unique and we are aware that the price will create an interest, but our Bellevue home staging services will bring in the offers.

Our Staging Process

We have a firm belief that home staging should not be complicated on your end. We are the experts we will deal with the technical stuff so as to make the work easier for you. Here are the steps that we it will take you to have your home staged:

  • First Visit

Whichever home staging Olympia WA and Bellevue services that you offer, we will have an initial visit to help up evaluate your house. Depending on the size of the home, the initial visit may take about an hour. It is during the visit that we will have discussions that allows us to make the right decision on the strategy to take. At the end of the visit, we will have a detailed report on the approach that we will use.

  • Proposal 

When we carry out the initial visit, we will ensure that you have a written proposal, within 24 hours. This will have specific details for each room and we will have prices for all the packages that we have. This is to guide you and present you with various options that you can choose from. Once we agree, we will allow you to make a deposit and save your staging date.

  • Staging 

On the specific day for the home staging, we will take up the whole house so that we can upgrade it to current market trends. When your house is sold, we will make arrangements to de-stage your home.

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Home Staging Services by the Pros

​Our home staging Bellevue services are quite comprehensive and geared towards achieving the best results. We intend to accommodate all our clients and this is why we have different packages. Here are some of the services that we offer:

Vacant Staging

Vacant home staging gives you the opportunity to create a customized lifestyle and this is to target potential buyers. Since we are a local company, we will bring the ideal furniture and accessories that will match the current trends in the neighborhood that your home is located in. Our intention is to be able to highly all the positive aspects of your home. We will introduce some themes that appeal to the right target market. If you have bought a new house and wish to sell it quickly, you should use our vacant staging services.

Occupied Staging

We have the right strategies to stage your home while you are still occupying it. During the pre-listing consultations, we will prepare your home and bring in strategic touches. All these are home staging efforts that will help you sell your home quickly. All your furniture will be rearranged so that we can create the perfect picture for all your targeted buyers.

Re-Design Staging

We are ready to transform the way your home looks and feels. Our professional design team is skilled and experienced in redesigning, which is part of the Bellevue home staging services we offer. This is ideal for those who are on a small budget and we will use the items that you have.

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Home staging Bellevue WA is an art that we have great experience in, and we are ready to convert your home into a masterpiece that you will love. Once we stage your home, you will list it and it will attract so many offers in a short while. Do you want to stage your home? Get a quote now for the services that you need.

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