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When you’re selling your residential home or investment real estate, you may need more than a licensed realtor. Many home buyers struggle to picture themselves in a house when there are no furnishings or décor items.

While you don’t necessarily want to spend a ton on marketing your property, hiring a local Seattle staging company can achieve the results that your selling efforts benefit most. However, you can take your investment further with experienced home decorators working for your listing.

At REVamp Home Staging Seattle, we help more sellers with rental items and expert decorating, helping your house feel like home for potential buyers. Whether you only need a few furniture pieces or an entire home redesign, we have the best solution for your needs.

We offer a diverse selection of choices to leave your home looking professionally designed and ready to wake up in the following morning. Sell your property faster with the help of your Seattle WA staging and design services.

Why We Are The Best

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When you need your home in Seattle staged to sell and throughout our WA state locations, you’ve come to the right design service. We offer more ways of leaving your house looking its most attractive, helping you in getting it off the market faster.

Whether you tout yourself as an amateur interior decorator or need to leave it to the experts, we have solutions more homeowners prefer. From partially designing around your belongings or updating an empty family house, we can solve all your needs quickly.

No matter how long your property has remained vacant, we stay the trusted choice in local Seattle staging and design services. Call today and experience the best options around in:

  • Vacant House Staging
  • Occupied Home Staging​
  • Staging Furniture Rental
  • Re-Design Consultation
  • Room Redesigning
  • Existing Furniture Rearrangement
  • In-Person Home Consultations
  • And more staging and decision services

To prepare a vacant home for potential buyers in Seattle, swank staging and design services are vital. Don’t allow your property to remain unsold and let us help you make the sale.

Staging Furniture Rental Seattle

​Time and again, once a listed property remains unsold for a few weeks, the owners likely start asking “Where can I rent furniture for staging?” Choosing us, however, means access to more décor items, as well as experienced home designers for added quality.

Rather than spending time looking for where to rent furniture for home staging in the area, we remain the convenient choice for more homeowners. Even if you’re not sure which options are best for you, we can help guide you towards the best decisions possible.

From standard furniture items to unique art pieces, we have design options for more tastes and preferences. When you’re worried about taking your rental items too far, you’ll find our selection tasteful, affordable, and convenient.

You don’t have to spend a lot at thrift shops and home good stores when we offer the best selection in staging rentals for your house. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your house look its best for less.

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Furniture Staging Seattle

Some houses get listed with nothing inside the living areas. While a few buyers may appreciate a blank canvas, others get overwhelmed by not having something to help them.

The unfortunate truth about selling your house is that many buyers don’t want to think about how they’re going to design it for their needs. Many people are searching for a home that is turn-key ready for them to walk into and begin living there.

Whether you’re looking for matching furniture sets, a themed collection, or just the best options in home staging services, we are here for you. No one else beats us on price or on the level of items we have available.

Let us help you in staging your home and experience the difference we make. When you need to sell your home quickly, you need us assist you

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Professional Stagers Near Me

While staging a home may make sense in vacant properties, what about a house that you still call your residence? After all, you already have furniture and furnishings in place, so why add more rentals?

Our local Seattle home design experts can enhance your personal sense of style without losing your house’s personality. When your listing doesn’t require furniture, we can still help with a few minor touches, as well as décor items as well.

Whether that means brightening up a room with decorative lighting, false plants, or with softer elements, we can add our professional touch to any area. From small applications that return tremendous results, to entire home makeovers, we can give your house the best designs possible.

Let us assist you with partial home staging today. We can take your house to the next level for less.

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Staged by design in Seattle WA

Are you the sort of person who decorates their home with whatever they find attractive? Are you left with a house that seems bland and uninspired?

Before you pack in more furniture and decorative pieces into your rooms, we offer professional home redesigns that you’ll love each time. We have solutions for any preference, making sure you get a house that feels like it belongs to you.

Whether you struggle with bringing all of your items together for a cohesive design or prefer that we start over from square one, we can help you with any designs aspects. No one else offers the level of skill at our affordable pricing every day.

Even if you lack in the creativity division, we guarantee results that you will enjoy on every call. When you’re feeling stuck with your home design choices, we can make the most of your house today.

House Staging Experts in WA state

One of the most affordable ways to redesign your home is merely taking what you already have and rearrange them. Sometimes, all you require is a fresh perspective to achieve lasting results.

Our home designers can change your existing furniture and decorative items and rework them, giving your room a much-needed change without buying new furniture. Whether you struggle to promote a convenient flow of traffic from one area to the next or don’t know how to set items up differently, we’re ready to assist you.

In many cases, we don’t even recommend throwing anything out because we know it at least has sentimental value. We want your house to continue feeling like it's yours without forcing you to purchase anything new.

"The 1st inspiration of any space starts at the front door" - Robin Sturm (Designer) 

Stage to sell your WA State home

We know how frustrating it remains to take time off work to meet with a design team. That is why we offer convenient in-home consultative services.

For an affordable hourly rate, our interior design and home staging professionals walk your property, helping you to discover the perfect appearances for any room. Whether you have critical areas of concern or need an entire home makeover, we can help you each time.

Contact Home Staging Bellevue & Seattle for the convenient choice in vacant staging Seattle and design services. We achieve a home appearance that your buyers will love on every call.

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